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mccarthy and chris van hollen. we'll see if they have any solution to the dismal numbers. right now the news continues on cnn. right now on this broadcast, a tragic reminder for baseball fans to be careful. >> we ask that each of you join all of mininger league baseball as we observe a silent moment of respect -- >> a man falls to his death after catching a ball for his son. and the man standing next to the man. stars remember betty ford. the outspoken former first lady and advocate for addiction
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recovery. william and kate visit california. we're going to take you there live, and what is this all about? ♪ >> i'll explain all that straight ahead. the news starts right now. we begin with this tonight, in article fon texas, a father and son out for a night at the ballpark, then a shocking tragedy. >> that's why there was time taken. wow! >> shannon stone reached for a ball only to fall head first over the railing dropping about 20 feet and sadly to his death. his 6-year-old son right next to him, seeing the whole thing happen. a man beside stone tried to pull him back, but he just couldn't. the player that tossed stone the ball josh hamilton, beside
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himself now. >> he's definitely in my mind and my heart. like i said, i can't stop praying enough for him, and my family is, and i just can't imagine. >> who could. the rangers' organization took a moment of silence the day after. >> we ask that each of you join the oakland athletics, the texas rangers and all of marriage league baseball as we observe a silent moment of reflection and respect for brownwood texas firefighter shannon stone. >> you know what, this isn't the first time a fan has fallen at the rangers' ballpark. another man fell from the second deck a little more than a year ago. he dropped 30 feet and fractured his skull. incredib incredibly, he lived. joining us now, the man who tried to hold on to shannon stone that fateful day at the ballpark.
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and then also, joe tray han, a sports anchor for wfaa. >> it's difficult to take. >> explain to us what -- it appears, we can see what happened in the video, you were right next to him. there's the picture, you are there. that's you in the white baseball cap, right? >> yes, it is it. >> you see him going over, and then what do you do? >> well, my first instinct is to reach out and grab him. i couldn't catch him, he went down, as he went by me, i tried to grab him again and i missed and it looked like in slow motion he was going to the ground. there was nothing i could do except watch him fall. >> the family has asked us not to run the video, and we freeze
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it just after he stumbles. her 6-year-old son watched it. do you know what happened to the son? you were right there next to him? >> well, i was watching mr. stone on the ground because he was motionless. when i turned around to check on his son. the person behind me that was sitting there had grabbed the boy and was holding the boy in his arms. >> that drop in the stadium, tell us -- we've been saying it's about 20 feet. explain to us as you're looking down from where you were sitting, what is below you? how far down is it? >> it's probably close to 20 feet from the top of the rail. 18 to 20 feet down. >> has anyone -- did anyone say anything or notice when you sit there, did you feel uncomfortable at all? do you feel there should have been netting there, or does it seem like a normal stadium to
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you? >> yeah, i've been to ranger stadium a million times, we didn't think of anything. no danger, no nothing. you know, it -- you realize if they would have put nets up there or something, and a foul ball would have got caught in the net some drunken guy would get out there on the net and try to get a foul ball. >> it's horrendous to watch and think about his 6-year-old son. i imagine that's been the only thing on your mind. does it good over and over about what you could have done? how you could have grabbed him? does it replay over and over in your mind? >> definitely. i had my glove in my hand and it was below him. if i didn't have a glove on n my hand i may have been able to get both hands on him, slowed him down, knocked him off a little bit. i go over it every day since then, i don't know what i could
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have done? >> you didn't know him personally, you guys were just sitting there next to each other at the game. that's how you met? >> right, well, this was a rainout game from may 11th. we had the same tickets. his son and wife were there on the first game. his son was so pleasant. most kids jump up and down, he soot there like a good kid and watched the game. the reason his dad wasn't there the first time, he was fighting fires in west texas. that's where i'm from, i'm from west texas, from holly texas. we were talking about that, and that's how we got to talking to each other. >> you know, this can happen to anyone, as i saw this video, i was horrified by it, when i think of his little son there, do you have any warning? do you have any advice for fans? it's a freak accident, right? there's so many people who are going to parks and who are at
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ballparks right now. what do you say to those folks? >> well, what can i say? you watch your kids as much as you can, if you're sitting somewhere where there's a foul ball coming hard, you watch the batting all the time to make sure they don't get hit. you keep the kid in the seat. he never got up, he was a great kid. his dad wanted to get a ball. it was a brand new glove he wanted to get a ball for his son. when josh hamilton throws you a ball, that's the most exciting thing. >> thank you, ronnie hargis. appreciate it. i want to go to joe tray han. the stadium has been inspected p.m. i think in the inspection nothing was wrong, they didn't think it would lead to any changes, do you agree with that?
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how could it not lead to some sort of changes there? >> well, you are correct, by the way, that they inspected the building. those railings in that area actually exceeded code for a ballpark of this size. as for changes that will happen. i just got off the phone with the communications chief with the rayners. they're right now in the exploratory phase of what they will do next. they're meeting with city leaders, contractors, building architects. i think they realize they will have to make some sort of change. i've been told whatever change could be may, they want to make sure it's done right. i brought up the possibility of some sort of netting, and i was told, listen, that would be an easy stopgap solution, but they want to make sure they don't just go that route and put something up there that could cause even more harm. so there's work being done behind the scenes as we speak to
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try to make sure that a tragedy of this magnitude does not happen again. >> how are people dealing with this? >> well, you know, it's interesting because everyone dealing with tragedy different. and this is a community that really wrapped its arms around the rangers last year when they had their incredible run to the world series, when they beat the yankees on the way to the world series this community really emgraced this team big time. all these people will have to become rangers fans. the hardcore rangers fans that were there before, they're dealing with this. some people opted not to take their kids to the ballpark the next day. there was a significant group of people who decided to take their kids to the ballpark, because they wanted to make sure that they would go there and contribute to the fund that the rangers have set up in mr. stone's honor. >> joe trahan, thank you.
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we appreciate it. and our thoughts and prayers are with mr. stone's family and his friends tonight. i want you to listen to this now. as far as i'm concerned, betty ford did save my life -- >> stevie nicks reacts to the death of betty ford. we'll take you live to los angeles for more reaction. and look back at the former first lady's legacy and impact on so many others. prince william saddles up during the royal's visit. if you want information to the stories we're recovering, and you want to react to them, contact us on twitter, facebook or before we go to break, i want to ask you this, a bit of trivia since we had been talking about sudan all day today, the world's newest country. before this weekend that was the last country to win -- what was the last country to win its
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independence? here's a hint for you, the country declared its independence just three years ago. ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin. ♪
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dell. the power to do more. before the break i gave you a little quiz. what was the last country to gain independence? the answer 2008, the republic of kosovo declared independence from serbia, the u.n. upheld that declaration, and kosovo became the world's newest nation. before celebrity rehab or public announcements of seeking treatment, there was betty ford, the wife of former president
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gerrald ford was the first to speak openly about addiction and getting help for it. she was a trailblazer when it came to addiction and treatment? >> yeah, she was extraordinary, i had the honor of knowing her for many years. the first time i interviewed her, she was a congressman's wife. then after the embarrassment of agnew, and took over after nixon. she became an extraordinary figure on the american scene. she came forward with her battle with alcoholism, breast cancer. she was some kind of lady. and she put a different kind of first lady on the map.
7:15 pm
i think i interviewed. i guess the last time i interviewed her was four or five years ago. her last few years have been sheltered following his death, and she was quite frail. you can't use the word rehab, which now is part of the american scene, without saying betty ford. where did betty ford go? you think about it, she is -- rehab is betty ford. >> you're right. we were talking about this today. i said, before it was sort of -- you didn't talk about addiction oar alcoholism or anything, and it was a stigma to go get treatment. after that i know it sounds weird, in hollywood, sometimes it is -- you know, you can go and it's kind of cool to go for some young celebrities because of betty ford. how many lives did she save in
7:16 pm
hollywood? >> there's a joke that the interstate five has a lane for people just going to betty ford. she lived a glorious life, she had a great family, in fact there was -- one of the best moments in all the years i did on cnn was when gerald ford described what her intervention scene was like, when the whole family gathered around to tell their mother and wife that she's an alcoholic and she had to accept that, and then come forward with it, i think she'll be remembered a long time. there's a special place -- america has a special place for people like this, and betty ford owns a little piece of it. >> larry, you said that was one of the last times you talked to her, when did you do that interview? >> well, i know they played a clip the other night from 2003, i thought i did one after that. but the mind-boggles after a time. >> yeah. >> i know it was one of her last interviews she did. >> i'm glad you reminded me of
7:17 pm
that, i'd like to see that clip and hear what the intervention was like. we'll look for that in the archives. >> one of the interviews with gerald ford, i had many, was the description of that intervention. >> larry, we appreciate you joining us, thank you. >> any time don. and don't forget my special tomorrow night. >> yes, we will be watching. harry potter, and we will be promoting it, thank you so much, sir. we'll talk to you soon. >> thank you, don. always a pleasure. just in the last hour, the details for two services for betty ford were announced. i understand we know more about the first lady's cause of death right now. what are you hearing? >> reporter: yes, in fact, greg willard, who was a close personal friend of the ford family, came out and followed us the former first lady died of natural causes. she died at the eisenhower medical center at 3:30 local time yesterday here in
7:18 pm
california. and she had her children by her side. he also laid out very detailed plans for a funeral. there will be two funerals, one here in the cochello valley, where the ford's spent their retirement years. another in michigan where the gerald ford library is, and where president ford is buried. there will be viewings in both cities, tuesday and thursday night for the public to pay their respects. tuesday night here in cochello valley, and thursday night in grand rapids, michigan. >> i know when it comes to these events, who gets to be the paw bearers? how are the eulogyists selected? >> this is interesting. what mr. willard said, mrs. ford
7:19 pm
was very much involved in the planning of her funeral. this has been going on for years, and they had talked about it. they talked about who she would use to eulogyize her. she chose those people. one of those people will be former first lady roslialynn cart carter. they were the deepest of friends, she will eulogyize her here in california. >> thelma gutierrez, we appreciate it, thank you. british tabloid owned by rupert murdoch comes to an end after a scandal. that report is next. and we're going to take you live to l.a. for the latest on the british royal couple's visit to the u.s. according to the u.s. census, more than 120 million americans are self-employed, some become business owners before graduating high school. steve perry introduces us to a couple in tonight's perry's principles.
7:20 pm
>> reporter: mia is not your typical 18-year-old, she's met the president, rang the bell at the new york stock exchange and started a business. >> you started a vegan cookie business in high school? >> yes, yes. the summer after tenth grade. my parents became vegan when my mom contracted breast cancer 11 years ago. >> what did you know about business? >> just what i learned in the month of nefty. it inspires students to stay in school, by tapping into their interest to create businesses. her bakery won the $10,000 grand prize. businessman turned teacher founded nefty in 1987. he was inspired after he was mugged by some kids in new york city. >> if you can start teaching
7:21 pm
young people about basic income statements, record keeping, how to do a sales call, save your money, i think that will have a dramatic impact on the economy. >> she grew newspaper a rough new york neighborhood and started designing handbags at the age of 16. the slow economy has been tough on her. >> it affected the stores i was in, my vendors, but once again, being part of this great program, teaching me how to write a business plan, i was able to go back and strategize a new approach. >> reporter: steve perry, new york. we're the wassman family from skagway, alaska.
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>> the united states is officially recognized south sudan as a new nation. the new african nation celebrated its independence from sudan today after a long and bloody civil war. president obama says it's a reminder that after the darkness of war, the light of a new dawn is possible. colin powell was in here's his reaction. >> i was here in january 2005. signing the agreement on behalf of the united states of america and president bush, and a lot of people wondered then whether or
7:25 pm
not it would really play out the way it was signed. here we are six years later and it's worked. what most impressed my about today, was the fact that both presidents stood there together. and when they finally gave their individual speeches, both speeches were speeches of reconciliation. >> i think it's significant that both leaders were here today, they're sitting next to each other in that dinner that was supposed to be a lunch. and there are many tough issues that need to be resolved. they've acknowledged their differences. they are both committed to wanting to have a partnership. their nations are living side by side in peace. after 168 years now, the news of the world put its last issue to bed. the staff walked out of its offices for the last time today. the tabloids were shut down this past week by rupert murdoch.
7:26 pm
allegations have hit too close to home for david cameron who had hired a former editor as his press secretary. britain's most famous newlyweds are on a whirlwind tour of california today. prince william spent the last hour playing poe low in california. he was warned before the match he wasn't a good loser, he seemed ready to try the american version of the game. his new wife catherine joined him at the match. max foster joins us from los angeles with the latest. you don't look like you're ready to play polo? >> reporter: no, i'm ready for the red carpet. it's awesome being in a hot tux in a blazing afternoon in l.a. the polo match just recently finished, and the prince won. he seems to be playing a tough
7:27 pm
game. the duchess is about to award him with a trophy. everyone's standing by for the kiss. that's what speculators are worrying about in the media crowd. they're going to be promoting young u.k. interests. we're not sure who the a-listers are yet, but it hasn't been denied that j. lo is coming, her husband denied that nicole kidman is coming. >> they've barely been in hollywood for 24 hours, but already they've had a jam packed schedule. what's on the agenda for tonight? >> it's been like that for the last nine days much they have several events to go. they're going to skid row to meet young homeless people. it's a cause close to william's heart as it was his mothers. tomorrow they'll meet veterans at a job fair. you'll see catherine meeting
7:28 pm
military wives. i'm sure they're going to go home and relax after all this. a little more hectic, more police about. it wasn't quite canada. >> is that pink vance that he's wearing there on the red carpet? >> say again? >> was william wearing pink pants on the red carpet? it certainly looks like it? >> we have a big security sweep going. >> i thought you were able to see it. nothing wrong with that. i was wondering if his pachbts were pink or white from the video. this is their first official trek abroad, how are crowds receiving them? >> it's interesting, in canada, everywhere you wechbnt you had these enormous crowds everywhere. l.a.'s a bit different, i think i can explain this. they're happy crowds, certainly
7:29 pm
lots of crowds out here, but not nearly on the level you get in canada. they're getting a knee jerk reaction everywhere they go. there are crowds, but it seems as though they're being kept at a distance, like they weren't in canada. there aren't the opportunities here for the crowds to get up close and personal. there's been some frustration about that. we've been talking on the last couple days about how this is a big patdown with the paparazzi as well. some much tighter operation here, they haven't had a chance to meet the crowds in the same way. >> a very dapper max foster in los angeles. >> speaking of prince william and katherine, next we'll ask maureen o'connor how they're being received. that's good, right? good job.
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very nice couple. kate said they're going to visit skid row. i guess they want to say hello to sarah ferguson. >> this weekend william and kate visit california for the first time as a couple. will they find more respectful treatment now that they're here in the united states? i want to bring in maureen o'connor, a staff reporter for how is the press treating will and kate? >> reporter: they're certainly interested in will & kate. this is an impeckably choreographed event. the police in l.a. are adept at crowd control in situations like
7:33 pm
this, unlike when they were in canada for the last nine days. >> do you feel that they're connecting to the american people? they're playing polo, some people may find it stuffy here, it's not one of our most popular sports, and then they're in this beautiful setting in california? >> well, i mean, what else do you want to see prince william do, right? you want to see him do something he's good at. they charged $4,000 for the vip tickets. at that price you want to see him do something he's good at. >> what's the reason for them coming here? what are they trying to accomplish? >> reporter: on one hand, the royalty's act like pr spokes models for the british empire, this is a time when a lot of people in great britain are starting to wonder why do we have this monarchy any more. they have to make themselves useful and project a sense of
7:34 pm
professionalism and duty. they're hosting an event for british film and television in hollywood. at the same time, everything they do, they're sort of trying to show their own subjects back home that they are doing something important, that they're contributing somehow. >> this is a publicity tour, so to speak? >> reporter: essentially. i mean, i think that they basically act like good will ambassadors at this point. they go, they cheer people up and work on charity events. >> maureen, i'm going to keep you around, boy oh, boy, there's more news, breaking news about charlie sheen. >> how are you doing, guys? what's happening? i am very grateful and appreciative that quicken loans can offer service members va loans. it was very important for me to be able to close and refinance my home quickly. i wanted to lower my mortgage payment. quicken loans guided me through every step of the process. the whole experience was amazing!
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i'm watching, i think it was the daily show or something the other night. in the bottom left of the screen i saw there was a new roast. and some might say that comedy central is scraping the bottom of the barrel for a celebrity roast here. tell us about it. >> reporter: they are going for the human embodiment of an easy punch line. now, they're going to get a lot of jokes out of this, no doubt. but there's some sort of controversy, first of all, charlie sheen is at the bottom of the barrel as you said. he's a pretty easy target.
7:38 pm
his ex-wife, brooke mueller, she accused him of attacking her on christmas day. he served time for a domestic assault with her. if she make any jokes about her she will sue. i think everyone in charlie sheen's orbit is uncomfortable making jokes about undisturbing, dark situations surrounding him. >> about addiction and all of that, these things are usually pretty raunchy, and i have to say, they're fun, they're not for kids. it's not even nc-17, it's rated x in my opinion. how are they going to get around that? i guess comedians can write around anything. there are issues that he needs to pay attention to and that aren't necessarily funny. >> i imagine that they're just going to go for it, and they're going to let this hang out. charlie's kind of been letting hang out already, doing his violent torpedo of truth tour. people haven't liked that much,
7:39 pm
it's been hit or miss. whether having other comedians on the stage is going to pull it together. they're doing this on the same night that the new "two and a half men" with ashton kutcher premieres. this is charlie's last chance to say screw you, cbs i'm going to make my show elsewhere. >> self-deprecating humor, he's all for, and not to mention the publicity. >> thanks. mtv, president ronald reagan, rubik's cube. pac-man, they all defined the 1980s, how about the fashion anded hair and the music. check it out. what happened to my hair? find out coming up. i'm going back to the 80s. ♪ i've lost my mind that's all i'll say. also get a free flight.
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♪ what do you remember about the 1980s? the hair, the clothes? for many, it was the music, specifically hair rock bands. that music is being remembered and celebrated in america's ultimate recycling bin, the
7:43 pm
broadway stage. in "rock of ages" i had a chance to go backstage for an up close lu look at the cast, the show and, of course, all that hair. let's go back to the '80s. ♪ >> reporter: in this show, it's all about the hair, you can see that, the '80s. and what's more '80s than a mullet. >> we're getting ready for a crazy night of rock 'n' roll in "rock of ages." >> what should people know about this production. like why is it so popular? >> the '80s, it's got to be that time where crazy rock, hair, make-up and clothing -- it's something people just love. >> people have a sort of fondness for this air remark as soon as they hear the songs
7:44 pm
they're brought back and transfixed into this great time of their lives. ♪ >> it's the type of show people were longing for in this down climate we have. >> i love the cow bell. >> yeah! so many great songs in the show, there's a lot of mashups like that. ♪ we don't need to talk about it any more ♪ ♪ yesterday is just a memory can we close the door ♪ >> it's 1987 on the sunset strip, this set looks like a simple one dimensional set, but it franz forms into many different things, we have this great led screen back here, that we do a live action show during the show. ♪ i wanna rock >> you got some jack daniels,
7:45 pm
the ramons. >> it's a really detailed stage, the audience doesn't see half of what we see on stage. it really brings us into character. >> i feel like i should have a mullet. ♪ i wanna rock ♪ i wanna rock ♪ rock ♪ i want to rock >> what was i thinking? all right, the final edition of news of the world rolled off the presses this weekend, the popular british tabloid taken down by a phone hacking scandal. you may be surprised at how easy it is to hack a phone and how exposed you are coming up. ♪ [ dr. ling ] i want to spend more time with my patients. [ jim ] i need to build a new app for the sales team in beijing. [ mrs. davis ] i need to make science as exciting as a video game.
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brooks must go, brooks must go. >> angry protesters outside the offices of britain's news of the world newspaper. the popular british tabloid is shut down, after staffers were accused of hacking into voice mail to steal information. >> maybe you have an idea how your computer could be hacked. how does phone hacking work? we have the best person to tell you about that p.m. our own personal tech geek.
7:49 pm
she's not only smart, she's gorgeous. how easy is it for someone to hack into your phone like they did. >> yeah, i hate to shatter the illusion. when a lot of people think phone hacking, they think these journalists were out there with this overly complex technology. but it's easy to do phone hacking. i spoke with someone who spent ten years with mobile security. we broke down all the ways the news of the world reporters hacked into the voice mails, so a few ways, and i want you to brace yourself. a lot of these are very low tech. first off, the first way is pretexting. pretexting is just a fancy word, there's a lot of allegations from staffers coming out, they called up the carriers and were like, hey, i forgot my pin naib number i need access. another way is to guess their pin numbers. a lot of people during their
7:50 pm
time still carried the carrier's default pin number, they knew quickly what the pin number would be. also, people to sequential numbers, 777 or 1234 or their birthday. we 2think the best way is to us caller id spoofing. it's actually a hack that's been around for quite a few years. it's very simple to execute. so how it works is caller id spoofing. i can make a kl and have any number show up on the phone. so, don, if i were to call you and use caller id spoofing i can have it show up as the white house, i can have it show up as president obama. if i know you don't have a password on your voice mail, which to this day a lot of people still don't, i can actually call your phone with your number and trick you into giving me access and authentication directly to your voice mail. caller id spoofing sounds sophisticated. very easy to execute. >> well, i'll be. really?
7:51 pm
i had no idea. >> yes, really. go. >> go ahead. awkward pause. i had no idea -- >> i feel like i'm in fallujah. >> i know. >> i feel like i'm in fallujah, the delays. it's horrible. >> it's worse than baghdad. we have this weird delay out of new york. don't can me why. i guess we'll figure it out one day. it's not high-tech tools. it's really unsophisticated tools that people can do. where do they get this? and they can use spyware, right? >> yeah. that's something we need to think about. a lot of people associate computers with hacking. but what we don't realize now is a phone is a computer. especially now with the smart phones out there. you can go on google right now and put in my spoebl spyware and you have an array of options to choose from. we need to be so cautious and not so vulnerable. you can also track their location. you can take all their data which again a smart phone is
7:52 pm
invaluable these days. also, there's even software programs that i have soon. you don't even have to be on the phone for somebody to tap in. you can with the phone sitting there activate their microphone and hit on their conversations. these are things that everybody needs to be aware of. hacking into voice mail is the tip of the iceberg for mobile hacking in general. >> is there anything fool proof you can do to stop it other than just not having a cell phone? >> i know. there's a lot to think about here. i teamed out with lookout and security experts and bill stackpole, a professor at the institute of technology that specializes in this field to give you a fum number of different tips for mobile protection. if you have voice mail get that four digit pin and use a smart one. don't use 1234 or 7777, sequential numbers, bad idea. make sure when the updates come through on your phone that you're downloading them. it's not about downloading extra
7:53 pm
featur features. it's about patching features. don't jail break your phone. do not do it because it makes you more vulnerable. when you make your purchases use a secure link. and i think the big one i'm going to leave you with, don, is really understanding what you're downloading. so many apps out there right now. i can't tell you how many are trying to get through and try to pretend they're a banking app or that they're an app to protect you from anti-virus. they're really just tricking you into that. >> got to be careful. and don't say anything on your voice mail you wouldn't want repeated somewhere else. maybe that's an option as well. >> yes. >> thank you, katie, appreciate it. >> good times, thank you. >> sorry about the delay. harry potter final film approaching, debuts state side in just a week. now one actor reveals strange se quets abiliout life.e d my ladsp to san francisco twice as fast! we get double miles every time we use our card...
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be strong. >> harry potter. >> wow. what pov i hamovie was that? i've never seen it. i'm joking. they're going mad for the last harry potter film to hit the united states. "the deadly hallows part 2." moguls are don-wizards like you and me. the billion dollar franchise ending one of them confesses an
7:57 pm
american actually tried to adopt him. first, entertainment headlines. rihanna's concert goes up in flames. let's talk about all of it with cnn entertainment reporter ms. shanon cooke. shanon, what happened at rihanna's concert and did anyone get hurt? >> no, nobody got hurt, thankfully. what it looks like happened is a light above the stage actually caught on fire. and the entire venue had to be evacuated. we're seeing some i-report video here of the incident. 12 1/2,000 concert goers had to stream out of the venue. but like i said, no one was hurt. rihanna wasn't hurt. she ran off the stage in good time. it was kind of a disappointing show all around, i think, for these concert goers because rihanna was actually late to get on the stage. she kept the audience wait for about an hour. so i think they must have felt a little short changed and then this, of course, the fire, the
7:58 pm
concert was cut short. it's good that via twitter rihanna said she would return to dallas and give them a full show. no one was hurt. it was probably kind of exciting, actually. >> i was going to say -- i'm not sure if it was as interesting as a rihanna concert but unique. all right. let's change up a little bit here and talk about actor james spader. he's going to join "the office" next season. i was upset when "boston legal" left the airways because i liked him there. is he making up for steve carell's absence? >> well, obviously they wanted to draw a big star to this show to fill that sort of absence left by steve carell. wls whether or not he's going to pick up for it. i don't know. he did appear to the finale of the last season of the show. and the character he played if the finale is the character he's going to play going forward.
7:59 pm
he was kind of creepy. that show, the idea of that show is that steve carell brought this real sense of awkwardness to the show. and he wasn't creepy though. he wasn't dark. so spader is bringing a completely different atmosphere. will people watch? i think people will absolutely watch. but spader is dark, creepy, sex will wesexually charged. >> i'm seeing him in some others. >> he's one of those -- sorry. >> we want to talk about harry potter. >> love this delay. love the delay between new york and atlanta. >> yeah. >> harry potter. >> yes. >> one of the characters from harry potter, tom felden who plays harry potter's nemesis told the "daily mail" in the uk that this guy from the u.s. who is

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